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THE PEARL RIVER LITTLE LEAGUE is based in Pearl River (Rockland County), New York, and is a member league of New York District 18 of Little League, Inc.  PRLL features baseball and softball programs for boys and girls age 4 to 12 (with senior leagues to age 16 if sufficient demand).  PRLL was founded in 1953 and was incorporated and began play in 1954.     


 June 19, 2020

Dear PRLL Families,
Despite the best efforts of our Board, we have been unable to come up with a workable solution to the myriad safety concerns and mandates from Little League Baseball and various levels of government.  Therefore, we are announcing the cancellation of the 2020 Pearl River Little League season.
Throughout this process, our primary goal was the safety of all the children and spectators attending games at Anderson Field. Unfortunately, we were unable to alleviate important concerns in order to provide a safe atmosphere and create an enjoyable experience for our players. These concerns combined with the knowledge that the majority of other sports and camps in Pearl River were canceled led us to this decision that we worked so hard to avoid.
Our secondary goal has been transparency with our families. We sought your opinions and input in the decision process, and have appreciated your response.  We have also tried to clearly communicate about costs and our refund policy. PRLL is the only sports league that we know of that will be providing a cash refund and we will endeavor to process these refunds as quickly as possible. As previously discussed, we have worked to provide the maximum refund to our families with only a small portion of our fixed costs deducted. PRLL is absorbing thousands in costs in order to accomplish this goal.
PRLL will provide a cash refund of all registration fees minus $25 per player to cover some of the larger outside fixed costs. This refund will be mailed to all PRLL members as soon as we can process the paperwork.
To our graduating players, we apologize for not being able to provide you with your final season, and to our returning players, we look forward to seeing you in the Spring of 2021 for a great season of baseball and softball.
Have a safe and healthy summer.
PRLL Board of Directors



As you know, PRLL is governed by Little League Baseball Inc. based in Williamsport, PA, which has been working with the respective state authorities throughout the the country during this pandemic shutdown period.  We are currently in a holding pattern waiting for instructions from them.  LLB Inc. has cancelled its summer LL World Series Tournament, but the determination of the status of the various state leagues has not yet been determined.  LLB's current moratorium extends into mid-May.  Please watch this site for further updates. 



UPDATE 3/16/2020:  With the most recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Little League International Board of Directors and staff is now strongly advising all its local Little League programs to suspend/delay their Little League seasons through no earlier than Monday, May 11.

UPDATE 3/12/2020:   Based on the recommendation of Little League, Inc., all little league activities are suspended until "no earlier than April 6" (not a firm date -- depends upon public health developments). This includes all meetings, practices, events, etc.  For further information, see https://www.littleleague.org/player-safety/coronavirus-update/   

Hello Pearl River Little League families!

We hope you are all getting excited for the season to begin!  Please read this email for important dates and updates!

1) Field Clean-up Day: (CANCELLED - SEE ABOVE) Originally scheduled for 3/21 - we will announce a new date at the proper time..........  Come help with clean-up around the complex!  You have already paid a $25 field maintenance bond as part of your registration fee.  Families who come and help out for 2 hours will get their $25 field bond back.  

  • NEW - EQUIPMENT RECYCLE: Wondering what to do with those too-little gloves, bags, USA bats, cleats, baseball pants, etc?  Why not bring them to field clean-up day to donate to other families who can use them?  Perhaps you'll find something you need too!  Anything left will be donated to help others in need.

2) Opening Day: (DISREGARD - SEE ABOVE).  Opening Day ceremonies, which had been scheduled for March 28 at 10:30 am, have been postponed.  

3) The Hopper (kitchen) work schedule will be emailed to all families within the next week.  Please check the schedule as soon as you receive it.  If you did not opt-out of working in the Hopper during registration your family will be assigned a shift.  Upon completion of your shift your $50 kitchen bond will be returned to you. REMEMBER: you must be at least 18 years old to work in the Hopper.  And please, for the safety of our children and the sanity of our volunteer coordinators, there can not be any Hopper shift swaps discussed or facilitated via Facebook groups or on any social media!  When you receive the schedule you will also receive detailed information about who to contact and what to do if you cannot work your assigned shift.

4) Finally, PARKING.  You will be receiving your 2020 PRLL parking passes from your child's coach.  Please be sure to affix them to the back side (facing out) of your rear view mirror. EVERYONE (with the exception of those with handicapped parking placards, board members and senior citizens coming to watch games) must park at Verizon!  Parking anywhere else without proper permits displayed may result in your car being towed.  For more information on parking visit our website www.prll.org.

Let's all remember: The players are kids. The coaches and board are volunteers. The umpires are human. We look forward to seeing you at the fields for a fun-filled season!




Registration for Spring 2020 has closed.  If you have questions about registration please contact registrar@prll.org.  

Teams are being formed, schedules are being coordinated and we are looking forward to seeing you back at the ballpark this Spring!  Stay tuned for more information.

2020 BAT INFORMATION and new Rulebook App.

Not all bats on the market have been approved for Little League play.  See the Little League rules for permissible  bats at https://www.littleleague.org/playing-rules/bat-rules/ .  For a complete list of baseball bats approved through the USABat Standard, which has been adopted by Little League, visit usabat.com  

Although a Little League rulebook is supplied to all team managers, Little League has also now made available ($1.99) a downloadable (from AppStore or Google Play), searchable Rulebook App.  For more information, see https://www.littleleague.org/playing-rules/little-league-rulebook-app/ .

                                                                                             See full-size photos of the PRLL Division Champions Here (link)    

                                                 See the Archives and Archives 2019 tabs above for information on the 2019 (and earlier) PRLL seasons.  See 2019 PRLL Photo Site. 



The 2020 PRLL Parking Policy will remain the same - All PRLL families must park at the Verizon Wireless lot.  Use this link for further information.

The construction of senior residential premises adjacent to Anderson Field and the renovation of the parking area does NOT change our parking policy.  PRLL remains a tenant of the American Legion, and must follow its directions with respect to traffic flow and parking.  We will have more room for handicapped parking, kitchen workers, umpires, etc. but we are unable to pemit general parking by the terms of our Lease. 

Your parking pass should be affixed to the back side (facing out) of your rear view mirror.  This is how the guard at the Verizon lot will identify you and your vehicle as PRLL and allow you to access the Verizon lot.  (see PRLL website for more information on how to get to the Verizon lot if you are not familiar.)  Please remember to follow the traffic rules in the parking lot and to park only in the areas desinated for PRLL.  DO NOT park in Verizon designated areas as your car my be towed.  EVERYONE (with the exception of those with handicapped parking placards, certain board members and senior citizens coming to watch games) must park at Verizon - parking anywhere else without proper permits may result in your car being towed.  (Note: PRLL has no control over a decision by either Verizon Wireless or our landlord, the American Legion, to have a vehicle towed - such a decision cannot be overruled by the PRLL Director on Duty or any other PRLL official).  

SAFETY NOTE:  All children must remain on the PRLL property whenever they are at the Anderson complex and cannot play on Verizon property, or on the property of the new residential premises adjacent to the fields.  Please do not leave your children unattended at the fields. Any children who are found playing on Verizon property will have their parent/guardian contacted and be asked to leave the facility.


CONTACTS:  (Direct your inquiry to the appropriate e-mail address:) 













                                                                                          The PRLL Majors Champions of the 21st Century:

                        Baseball                       Softball

2019                DODGERS                N.DAME FIGHTING IRISH

2018                METS                        ALA. CRIMSON TIDE

2017                ORIOLES                  KY. WILDCATS

2016                DODGERS                PRIDE

2015                METS                        PRIDE           

2014                GIANTS                    PRIDE

2013                YANKEES                THUNDER

2012                A’s                            PRIDE

2011                GIANTS                    BANDITS

2010                DODGERS*              RIPTIDE

2009                GIANTS                   THUNDER


                        Baseball                       Softball

2008                DODGERS                RAMPAGE

2007                YANKEES                 HEAT

2006                RED SOX                  HEAT

2005                RED SOX                  ANGELS

2004                TWINS                       BLUE JAYS

2003                A’s                             RANGERS

2002                A’s                             ASTROS*

2001                METS                        ASTROS

2000               YANKEES                  ASTROS


*T of C Champs